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If you're like me, you're dedicated to the causes of inclusivity and social justice. You care about reducing homelessness, sustainable development, affordable housing, indigenous issues, and the arts. You care about the frontlines and want decisions made at the top to reflect the realities faced on the ground. You care about the safety of utilizing city services, living in your community, going to work, and the safety of those more vulnerable than you. You want the city to utilize its resources effectively and with accountability. You want your voice to count, to be valued and empowered, and expect those making decisions to listen. These are values and expectations that I share with you and what I will bring to council for a more equitable Edmonton.

Our city is facing the greatest challenge of our lifetimes recovering from economic uncertainty due to the pandemic. But with challenge comes opportunity: opportunity to rebuild, reimagine, and address systemic issues. These challenges include an economic downturn and tough financial choices ahead of us. We’re looking to respond with positive, progressive, and inclusive ideals that represent everyone’s voice. We are socially conscious leaders who will see our community through these unprecedented times and into a bright future ahead.

Core Tenets and what they translate to: 

✔ Community

  • Protecting, empowering, and prioritizing community voices in decision-making that affects them.

✔ Experience

  • Hands-on leadership from the frontline of your city and your community.

✔ Action

  • Jon’s proactive plan aims to address systemic inequalities while moving forward creatively and boldly.

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