With nearly ⅓ of Ward Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi being undeveloped farmland, it is imperative that we consider the cost of our future expansion. We need to protect our environment, have access to locally sourced food, and protect our natural areas. Outward growth requires services, but with an overburdened tax base, it’s important to live within our current boundaries and means, respect food security and the environment, and provide services for all.

  1. Encourage smart growth that focuses on transit, accessibility, environmental impact, and local food security.
  2. Encourage infill that maximizes space, encourages medium to high density developments, and new housing developments.
  3. Affordable housing to be made available and scattered evenly throughout the city within new developments as well as underutilized and surplus space.
  4. Ensure all new developments have a mix of businesses as well as supportive, transitional, subsidized, low income, high, medium, and low density housing.
  5. Ensure all new neighbourhoods are accessible with reliable transit options, access to natural areas, recreation, and services.
  6. Ensure seniors have the supports and ability to age within their community - communities they have already established supports of family, friends, and neighbours in.