Over the course of this campaign I’ve already knocked on 1000s of doors and spoken to 1000s of residents with legitimate concerns about how the city is run and how you are being engaged. I’ve heard your concerns on engagement, on safety, on accessibility and walkability, on homelessness, on recreation services, and good fiscal management that reflects the needs of our community. Here is a non-exhaustive list of our campaign promises for our Ward Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi based on what we’ve seen -- and more importantly -- what we’ve heard in our community so far.

  1. Fast track crosswalks installed on 141 St SW.
  2. ETS Community Bus Service returned to Skyrattler, Cashman, and Cavanagh immediately.
  3. Advocate for neighbourhood renewal fast-tracking to Skyrattler, Blue Quill, and Ermineskin for sidewalk access. Advocate for neighbourhood renewal fast-tracking to Steinhauer.
  4. Review of bus service in Blackmud Creek and Graydon Hill.
  5. Advocate for Heritage Valley Trail overpass over Anthony Henday.
  6. Advocate for Ellerslie Rd overpass renewal over Calgary Trail.
  7. Better engagement with your city councilor by attending community league meetings and dedicated days for one-on-one meetings.
  8. Improved access to Twin Brooks during upcoming LRT construction work.