People expect a multitude of transportation options that reflect a growing city with environmental concerns, safety concerns, and efficiency needs. Our city needs decision-makers that understand the complexity of this work and how our transportation needs impact our daily lives.

  1. Dedication to sustained and increased transit funding that lowers fares, remains publicly-owned and accessible with an emphasis on LRT expansion to all corners of the city and surrounding communities by 2040.
  2. More community routes with the expectation of moving to fully electric buses at the end of their current life cycle.
  3. Transportation Impact Fee for all new developments to build transit infrastructure to support new areas.
  4. Free Transit on ALL election days (municipal, provincial, federal) to ensure our commitment to equity, accessibility, and a functioning democracy that is inclusive and available to all.
  5. Request full review of Bus Network Redesign (BNR) within a year of implementation (April 2022).
  6. Look at ways to reduce idling vehicles and emissions with smart road projects like traffic circles.
  7. Better coordination between city areas to understand the interconnectedness of transportation needs in the community.