As we work our way out of the pandemic and the devastation it has caused both financially and socially to our people, businesses, and public services, it is important to have a plan in place to get people back to work. This can only come from government and private industry working together. We need to support local with hiring and businesses and be frank and honest with our expectations around addressing climate change, and an economy that leaves no one behind.

  1. Work to incorporate more local business into walkable, diverse, and accessible neighbourhoods and streets with less neighbourhood silos and big box islands and more residential businesses that properly supports the road and utility structure around it with a smart tax base.
  2. Ensure planning for infrastructure needs are in place for investment in Edmonton by other levels of government to aid in Edmonton’s recovery.
  3. Look for efficiencies in red tape bureaucracy for permits and licensing.
  4. Advocacy and coordination with other cities for a return to a proper funding framework.
  5. Create greater transparency within city administration as to the budgetary choices made to ensure understanding and accountability to the populace.
  6. Review budget processes so that city departments that are under budget don’t spend frivolously to ensure budgets stay at current levels in following years.