The importance of inclusion and equity is close to my heart growing up in a household with 2 mothers and having a number of LGBTQIA2S+ family members and friends in my life. I have seen firsthand the implicit biases that have worked to uphold the systemic barriers and in turn create disadvantage. Fighting this bias is part of the work we must now do to bring understanding and inclusion. I stand with diversity of all, aim to remove systemic barriers and commit to using my own privilege to amplify the voices of all to full equity and equality.

  1. Free public wifi in all community leagues.
  2. Publicly accessible washrooms that include All Gender Washrooms.
  3. Pride Corner YEG official designation.
  4. Clear messaging from city officials to all city staff on expectations and cultural sensitivity training provided to all. Expectation that all incidents internally and externally are reported and dealt with.
  5. Anti-racism campaigns on transit.
  6. Bylaws banning public display of symbols of hate and racism.