As with any campaign this campaign needs your support. That can come in the form of your volunteer time, your taking a sign, or your financial donation. Your time and energy goes to support a campaign that values inclusivity, equality, accountability, transparency, and experience. With your support I will deliver to Edmonton City Council a voice that represents our shared vision for a stronger community and city. If you have the time to give us we’d love to include you! We want your voice on this campaign and even a few hours could be enough to put us over the top. We have opportunities in door-knocking, sign waving, sign & leaflet delivery, driving voters, phone-banking, and more! Get in touch with us by signing up below and be a part of the grassroots change you want to see in your ward and your city!


  • I commit to running an inclusive campaign that values individual contributions and celebrates & champions our differences reflected in our diverse community and collective well-being.
  • As Councillor I commit to listening to the concerns of all community members of all groups of age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, skin colour, financial standing, disability, and background.
  • I commit to empowering voices, walking and working together, and always looking for ways to do better.
Will you volunteer?