• I do. I’ve been living in Southwest Edmonton since 2014 with my wife raising our 2 children. We live here. I’ve coached soccer here. I’ve volunteered with my community league here. I know this community.

  • I am committed to doing right by you. I live in your community. I’ve worked the frontlines and led community groups and responded when called upon. I believe we have a long road but not an impossible road to recovery. We’re going to have tough conversations but conversations that need to happen to ensure that we ALL get to a place of equity, safety, and prosperity. I will commit to always doing what’s right by you and for you over political or other special interest.

  • A) You can ‘like’, ‘share’, and ‘follow’ our campaign on social media.

    B) You can volunteer your time to our cause by emailing [email protected] or calling (780) 986-9766 or (780) 986-9JON.

    C) You can donate to our campaign helping us pay for lawn signs, leaflets, and advertising.

    D) You can join us at our campaign events and tell your friends & family about us!

  • The new names of the ward are one small step in our efforts towards reconciliation with our Indigenous neighbours. It contributes to equity, visibility, and a greater understanding of the value this large segment of our community brings to our own larger community in diversity, culture, history, knowledge, and the economy.

    For more information on the new ward name click here

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