We need a sustained commitment to our environment now more than ever. Globally, we're seeing sea levels rise, flash flooding, and record drought. Canada-wide there’s fluctuating temperature extremes and smoke from forest fires. These are some of the effects of climate change. This affects our businesses, transit systems, first response, public services & utilities, and communities. Any leader must approach decision-making with that knowledge. Good environmental stewardship and addressing this challenge head-on is key.

  1. Push infill over urban sprawl saving money on services, encouraging walkability, and fostering neighbourhood renewal with both new residents and services.
  2. Return to ETS community bus routes and away from On Demand service.
  3. Zero approval for new river valley developments that are not essential, not within an established footprint, or on sacred Indigenous land & against the spirit of reconciliation.
  4. Work with developers to ensure new neighbourhoods integrate mixed use developments, transit infrastructure, multiple modes of transportation and food security.
  5. Transition for entire City of Edmonton fleet vehicles and buses to hybrid and electric at end of current lifespan.
  6. Push for planting of 2 million trees within city limits and the expectation that established trees be protected in new developments.