While we have been optimistic regarding the COVID situation in our province over the last month, the recent announcement of lifting all public health ordinances including the need for testing by the end of the summer has given our campaign reason for concern - especially with the uptick in cases in the Calgary zone, the spread of the Delta Variant, and our children under 12 still not vaccinated. As such, we have decided for the best interest of our team and the residents of the ward we serve, to again suspend inside campaign events where mitigation techniques are not in place while continuing with social distancing while outdoors, and the expectation of mask wearing while canvassing. With the inability or unwillingness to test for COVID for less severe symptoms after Aug 16th, inadequate measures announced for children under 12 returning to the classroom, and a healthcare system woefully overworked, understaffed, and backlogged, it is important that we all continue to do our part to support the safety of our people.

I know there is much confusion, uncertainty, and misinformation being spread about the Coronavirus. I worked the frontlines throughout the first 18 months of this pandemic and saw the long term devastation it has created to my co-workers, first responders, and the people we serve. I’ve watched as co-workers fell seriously ill to this virus. I’ve watched as family members died from this virus. I’ve watched as my own children were forced to isolate multiple times to avoid in school transmission and the trauma that this has caused our teachers. The COVID trauma, fatigue, and desire by all to return to normal is real. Rushing to a desired outcome from relative safety is ill- advised though especially when proven mitigation techniques to keep us and our families healthy are already in place. Slow and steady using logic and reason, following science and facts, is the best course of action especially when the long-term effects of this virus are still unknown.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation to ensure our response is thoughtful and quick to any new or changing facts and information. I encourage you to get vaccinated if you haven’t already. Vaccines work, are safe, well researched, effective, and are our path out of this. In the interim, take whatever precautions you can to mitigate spread and keep yourself, your loved ones, and your neighbours safe. Looking towards the future there is a lot to be hopeful for, and by working together we’ll get there. Be well,

Jon Morgan


YEG City Council candidate for Ward #Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi. Volunteer. Frontliner. Community Member. BLM. Indigenous Lives Matter. He/Him 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️