My time volunteering as community league president with two community leagues across the city, as well as an Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues board member, School Council board member, and community soccer coach gives me a unique perspective while advocating for properly funding community leagues and organizations. I aim to empower ownership of programs and services by community members.

  1. Maintain current community hub recreation centres keeping them public to ensure accountability and access.
  2. Involve and empower community leagues in the process of delivering sports and recreation to ensure community pride, ownership, and accessibility.
    • A) Ensure that all players and participants have access regardless of ability, economic status, physical disability, background, or location within the city.
    • B) Maintenance of city-owned parks and fields bi-weekly. Naturalization adjusted to controlled naturalization that reflects bio-diversity of our environment and beautification of the city.
  3. Incorporate food forests into new housing developments and rehabilitation plans for existing neighbourhoods.
  4. Work with Edmonton Food Bank and other food security organizations to provide proper funding to ensure no Edmontonian goes hungry.
  5. Ensure rehabilitation and development of neighbourhoods occurs with the consultation and concerns of the residents of the neighbourhood.
  6. Infill growth should focus on empty lots over destruction of heritage assets and historical buildings (like El Mirador) and tie itself to a strong transit network and mixed developments that include residential, retail, and office space.
  7. Incorporate infrastructure into public spaces that makes communities more walkable, accessible, and safe including public washrooms, and water fountains.