A city’s culture brings value far beyond immediate ticket sales for events and supporting local artists. Culture is the fabric of our city and helps define who we are. It attracts investment and people to our city by adding value, interest, character, and pride that should be encouraged to flourish and thrive.

  1. Protect heritage buildings and infrastructure with proper funding for restoration and an expansion of parameters surrounding their protection.
  2. Support for the Percent for Art funding in all infrastructure projects.
    • A) Prioritize local artists for local projects.
    • B) Ensure compensation is appropriate for work delivered.
  3. Greater support for arts organizations in Edmonton hit hardest by the pandemic.
  4. Encourage innovative solutions like hosting art programs at community leagues with city funding and support while bringing programming to an accessible, community-level space and utilizing facilities the city already has at its disposal with volunteers that know the needs and wants of the community.
  5. Reclassification of small and mid-sized venues in Edmonton to allow for greater access to funding from other levels of government.